10"x12" Antique Reclaimed Pine Mantel

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Hoosier Reclaimed Timber has created a unique line of products using antique materials reclaimed from a historic B&O Railroad locomotive shop in Washington, IN.  If you want to own a piece of American history, this is the mantel for you.  We have a limited number of these mantels.  Once they are gone, they are gone forever.   


These buildings were constructed in 1889.  The location of Washington, Indiana put it midway between the major stations of Cincinnati and St. Louis on the B&O Railroad. Washington was visited by several prominent personages via the train..... plus the train brought famous stage shows, Barnum and Bailey Circus, Presidents of the US, troop trains from the Civil War, WWI and WWII eras..... etc. Visiting presidents included 1890 former President Benjamin Harrison, 1893 President Grover Cleveland, 1923 President and Mrs.. Harding, Teddy Roosevelt was in Washington during a campaign stop while running for President, 1925 President and Mrs. Calvin Coolidge, 1928 candidate and Mrs.. Herbert Hoover. Late 1940's President Truman's train made a routine stop at the B&O depot. The Eisenhower funeral train made a routine stop on it's westward destination.


We spend hours on each mantle hand planing and sanding each one to bring out the original beauty of the wood and accent the one of a kind antique characteristics.  



*Height and Depth may vary, but will be very close to specified dimensions.  

*Width will be exact.  We can cut them down to any desired measurement.  Just pick the closest size and let us know how to cut it.  

*Reclaimed material contains characteristics not found in modern wood.  Nail holes, imperfections to corners, stress cracks, color inconsistency are common features that make these pieces one of kind and difficult to recreate.   

*Mantel you receive will not be the exact mantle in the pictures.  It will be very similar.   

*Mantels are priced unfinished without stain, oil, or sealer varnish.  Multiple finish options are available upon request.  

*Mantles are available for pickup at our location or we can ship them.