Counter Tops, Bar Tops, Island Tops, and Table Tops (Rustic w/ Original Saw Marks and Patina)

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Hoosier Reclaimed Timber creates custom tops for a variety of applications.  Weather you are building or remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, bar, or just want to bring new life to an existing table, we can help.  

We first start with kiln dried, 2 inch thick, authentic reclaimed barn wood.  The kiln drying process reduces moisture and eliminates living insects in the wood.  Lumber is selected and cut to approximate length.  We surface the bottom side of all boards to produce a more uniform thickness.  The boards are then straight line ripped to produce clean straight edges suitable for gluing.  Next we join all boards together with wooden dominoes, wood glue, and clamps.  Once the glue dries, the top is cut to final dimensions.  We then brush sand the top to remove surface dirt and debris, edges are sanded, and sharp corners are eased.  Finally we move the top into our spray booth where it is sprayed with clear conversion varnish, finish sanded, and sprayed with a final coat of finish.  


*All tops priced per square foot.  Calculate the square footage or your desired top.  When checking out select the quantity of square feet, rounding up to the next whole foot.  For example, it your desired top is 5.6 square feet, select quantity of 6.  In the special instructions box, please indicate the exact dimensions you would like.  

*Rustic tops with original saw marks are not perfectly flat.  

*Wood color and patina will vary within each top and from one top to another.